Why Choose DRB?

At DRB, we take a collaborative approach to the services we offer and our clients appreciate the long-term working partnership we develop with them. Whilst we may be classified as a supplier, we view ourselves as an extension of your business, advising and assisting with all aspects of engineering. Many of our clients view us in exactly the same way.

We take pride in delivering all projects on time and on-budget, but more importantly, we excel in providing proactive solutions which improve long-term efficiencies for your business.

Creating value

We believe an essential element of any business relationship is to add value to the client. We aim to do this with every client we work with, through adopting a pro-active approach to overcoming challenges and by delivering lasting solutions that enhance our clients’ business.

If a client brings a recurring problem to us, instead of simply keeping on repairing a broken piece of equipment or a failed component, we actively look to develop a lasting solution to the issue.


Our clients also appreciate the continuity of working with a long established (since 1976) highly respected and reliable engineering company with a low staff turnover, and many years of industrial, manufacturing and processing experience.

If you are looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, professional engineering partner, then look no further than the DRB Group.