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Balancing and Alignment

DRB Engineering offer a suite of preventative maintenance techniques including dynamic balancing of motors, fans and all other types of rotating equipment, and correct alignment of shafts using laser alignment technology.

Dynamic balancing

Rotating equipment such as motors and fans that are operating out of balance are subject to increased vibration. This causes higher wear, increased likelihood of failure and less efficient operation. Ensuring rotating equipment is balanced correctly has the following benefits:

  • reduced energy consumption
  • fewer maintenance requirements
  • increased equipment lifetime

DRB's fully trained balancing technicians use the latest equipment to dynamically balance rotating equipment either in our workshop or on-site:

  • Balancing in our workshop uses the latest Schenck Universal Balancing machines
  • On-site balancing includes full vibration analysis
  • Balancing to G2.5 as standard
  • Full report
  • 24/7 call out

We can dynamically balance motors, fans, pump impellers, mixer shafts, rollers and any other type of rotating equipment.

Laser alignment

Laser Alignment is a preventative technique that  helps to ensure that shafts connected by a coupling are aligned correctly. Laser alignment identifies if the shafts are offset from each other or angled and allows the necessary adjustments to be made to ensure correct alignment.

Ultimately this reduces reduces potential damage to equipment, reduces maintenance costs and also increases energy efficiency.

We can align any rotating shafts connected through a  coupling including motors, pumps, generators or drive shafts:

  • Alignment during equipment installation
  • Alignment of in-service equipment
  • Alignment check and realign if necessary
  • Carried out by trained technicians with full report provided