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Predictive Maintenance

DRB can support companies with predictive and preventative maintenance through the use of techniques including vibration analysis. Using these techniques we can help to assess the condition of in service equipment and take measures to extend asset lifetime and minimise overall cost.

Vibration Analysis

We use the latest vibration analysis equipment to give a highly detailed evaluation of the condition of high speed rotating equipment such as motors, fans and generators.

The vibration monitoring is typically performed on the equipment under normal operation. It can help identify if a machine has a mechanical problem such as imbalance, misalignment or bearing failure; and if it does, to determine what the problem is, how severe it is and when the machine needs to be taken out of service for repair.

We can analyse the vibration on any high speed rotating equipment including motors, fans and generators. Our services include:

  • on-site testing by trained technicians
  • as part of scheduled maintenance programme or one-off analysis
  • description of problem and identification of possible causes
  • full reporting