Baker Surge Testing

Baker Surge testing is one of a suite of preventative and predictive maintenance tools that DRB Group uses to assess the working condition of motors and other rotating equipment.

The surge tests can be conducted in our workshop or on-site, as well as either before or after the motor is disassembled. Testing detects turn-to-turn, coil-to-coil and phase-to-phase insulation defects that cannot be discovered by other methods.

Baker Surge Testing

These tests involve using extremely short, high-voltage pulses to expose electric windings and their insulation to above-normal load. Often a winding will “break down” under load, but perform flawlessly under no-load conditions. By identifying when the insulation has weakened to the point that it is likely to fail, appropriate testing helps decisions to be made about planned repair or replacement.

A majority of insulation faults start as weakness in the turn insulation. This may be as a result deterioration during operation or damage during the winding process. Faults can lead to shorted loops, with the circulating currents in that loop generating excess heat that may eventually deteriorate the ground insulation.

Baker Surge testing also is one of the few static electrical tests that can show the phase to phase insulation quality of a winding.

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