Laser Alignment

DRB can align any rotating shafts connected through a coupling including motors, pumps, generators and drive shafts. We can also align pulleys and belts.

Alignment of Shafts
Ensuring that rotating machinery is correctly aligned is a critical preventative maintenance measure. Misalignment leads to increased stresses which result in breakdowns such as bearing failure and increased wear of mechanical seals, couplings and motors.

Laser alignment identifies if the shafts are offset or at an angle, and allows the necessary adjustments to be made to ensure correct alignment. Ultimately this reduces potential damage to equipment, reduces maintenance costs and also increases energy efficiency.

Alignment of Drive Belts & Pulleys
Misalignment of belts causes increased wear on the belts and higher energy losses for the machine or driver unit. Replacing worn or failed belts with new ones, without correcting the misalignment, will result in premature wearing/failure of the new belt and also increased wear on the pulleys and the associated axles, shafts and bearings.

Belt alignment is, therefore, an important maintenance task; it can prevent breakdowns and save considerable costs.

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