DRB offers many quality process valves suitable for virtually any type of commercial or industrial application.

Valve Specialists
Our dedicated team of specialist support staff are able to help ensure we provide a valve solution that delivers optimum performance and reliability.Getting the specification right is critical in providing an optimal solution to your business. One of DRB’s specialist valve engineers is able to conduct an on-site survey, to ensure accurate and appropriate specification for your application.

Quality Products
We are able to supply a vast range of high-quality valve types from all leading manufacturers, meaning we can offer either a direct replacement or an equivalent specification from another manufacturer.

Examples from our range of manufacturers include:

  • Bailey
  • Fisher
  • Hopkinson
  • Samson
  • Nabic
  • Lesser

Our many years of practical experience in helping customers maintain their process systems means you can depend on DRB to provide the right valve solution to keep your business operational.

Practical Support
We understand that replacing process valves can be expensive, and as we provide extensive valve maintenance and repair services, we are able to advise you one whether replacement is required or whether repair or refurbishment is a more practical option.

Along with the supply of high-quality replacement process and control valves, we also provide comprehensive valve maintenance and repair services from our dedicated engineering workshops or on-site.

To find out more call the DRB Group team on 01244 280 280.

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