DRB Group provide a wide range of mechanical engineering services, working both on client’s sites and in our dedicated workshops.

Our range of services includes:

  • On-site mechanical engineering
  • On-site welding and fabrication
  • Condition monitoring
  • Installation and alignment of equipment
  • Repair and servicing of gearboxes and other mechanical equipment

Gearbox service process
DRB Group are specialists in mechanical repair and servicing of all types of gearboxes from a wide range of industries and across all major manufacturers.

Our service begins with a strip-down of the gearbox and a full inspection, from which a repair report and quotation is generated which identifies any required work.

Upon approval from the customer, any necessary repairs are then undertaken (e.g. replacement of worn gears, shafts, and other internal components) before the gearbox is re-built to the original manufacturer’s specification.

All our mechanical services are available 24 x7. To find out more contact us today on 01244 280 280.

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