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Maintenance and Repair of Railway Rolling Stock

DRB has experience in many aspects of rolling stock maintenance and renewal. We have been working with the leading train operators, train leasing companies and rolling stock maintenance firms for more than 10 years, performing a range of maintenance tasks.

Rail Bogie Maintenance

Since 2004 we have repaired and upgraded over 3500 Bogies for the leading rail operators and rolling stock maintenance companies.

The overhaul changes the way the brake hanging bracket is attached to the bogie based on a re-engineered solution developed by DRB. The change has adopted nationwide by a number of train operating companies/train owners as the new method for all similar bogies.

Camshaft Controllers

DRB maintains and repairs camshaft controllers for one of the leading train operators. We service the controllers, make any necessary repairs and then test them on a dedicated, purpose built rig.

Rail Door Manifold

We have recently developed a new rail door manifold system to drive the door cylinder and door interlock. Our system is based around standard ISO1 valves meaning that the system is not tied to any one valve manufacturer.

Wheels and Axles

We have a full machining capability for rolling stock wheels and axles.

Other work we undertake includes refurbishment of emergency door valves, coupling cylinders, air-horn valves and trip-lock reset valves.