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Complete design, manufacture and installation of 3 new conveyor systems

DRB has just completed the installation of three new conveyor systems for one of our clients.

Initially approached to design, build and install a roll-up conveyor with tilt mechanism (August 2010), we have subsequently also installed a stainless steel wire mesh drainage system conveyor (November 2010) and finally a new cross cut exit conveyor (December 2010).

Each of the 3 conveyors was designed by DRB's design office with the chassis, framework manufactured by our fabrication department and the rollers, stub shafts and belt tracking and tensioning system manufactured in our machine shop.

Each conveyor was assembled at DRB, including the integration of pneumatic and electrical systems, before being shipped to the customers site.

DRB's site team then completed the projects by removing the existing conveyors and installing the new systems.