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New Chain Drive System Reduces Maintenance Costs

CRT Recycling Limited in Mold specialises in the recycling and marketing of glass from cathode ray tubes from TV screens and computer monitors.

Part of CRT's process involves a rotary screen which sorts the glass fragments into different sizes. The original design had a sprocket driving a chain which was welded around the circumference of the rotary screen. This was a weak point in the operation of the machine and was resulting in repeated breakdowns.

CRT's engineering team implemented a number of improvements to the original system, and also worked with DRB to find alternative ways to drive the screen. The solution developed was for a large plate sprocket to be attached to the end of the rotary screen, and for this to be driven from the drive sprocket via a more conventional chain drive system.

The new system has now been running at CRT for more than a year and the results have been impressive with breakdowns due to the drive system virtually eliminated.

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