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DRB are supporting the Engineering Education Scheme Wales (EESW)

DRB are supporting the EESW and a local High School team with their engineering project

DRB were approached by Holywell High School in October 2012, and asked us to support them in an EESW project. The EESW is a charity that aims to encourage students to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects and to consider engineering as a career. The scheme links teams of year 12 students with a local company to offer an engineering project which is challenging, stimulating and encourages the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills.

The scheme works through local companies setting research and development briefs relating to real industrial problems for a team of year 12 students. The students set about solving these problems, over a period of six months, by cooperating and consulting with engineers and scientists from the company they have been linked with.

As well as enhancing knowledge and understanding of engineering, the projects involve developing communication, decision making and problem solving skills by working individually and as a team, improving thinking and learning skills, using information and communication technology effectively and developing numeracy.

DRB engineers met with the Holywell High school team of students in October and were delighted with the team’s interest and enthusiasm for engineering. We set them a challenge to design and build a bench mounted crane for our pumps and valves workshop. The crane will be used to transfer pumps on to the work bench for repair and servicing. We carefully chose a brief that we hope will offer a stimulating challenge for the students and will encourage and boost their interest for engineering. DRB engineers gave the students the specification that the crane needs to spin 360 degrees with a hoist that can adjust the height to reach 1.2 m. Students will also have to look at bending moments of the crane and also select suitable materials so that the crane is safe and complies with health and safety regulations.

Currently the team are in the designing process of the project and we are looking forward to working with the team over the next 6 months, offering advice and guidance wherever we can.

The project ends in March, with an awards and presentation day where the students will present their project to a panel of assessors.

Published 14/11/2012
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