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DRB hosts energy efficiency seminar

On 15th March, DRB is hosting a seminar addressing the question of ‘how to increase the energy efficiency of manufacturing operations’.

Throughout the manufacturing industry there is a huge focus on reducing energy consumption. This is partly due to environmental concerns and partly because energy represents a significant cost for many manufacturing operations. Changes in legislation, and the continual introduction of new automation and drive technologies, make it a challenge to stay on top of best practise in improving the efficiency and performance of our operations.

The energy efficiency seminar will feature a number of presentations and practical demonstrations from leading industry organisations addressing these issues. It will address the latest legislation and demonstrate how relatively simple changes to automation and drive systems can have a dramatic impact on plant energy consumption. It will also offer the opportunity for a share of ideas and experiences. Specific topics being covered include:

  • The new motor efficiency legislation and best practise for optimising motors and drives to deliver performance and efficiency.
  • How the latest drive technologies can dramatically reduce energy consumption, helping companies save money and meet carbon reduction commitments.
  • How control systems can contribute to energy saving through intelligent system design.
  • Some of the schemes available to support companies' energy saving initiatives.

The seminars will be held in two sessions (one morning and one afternoon) on the 15th March at DRB's premises on Deeside Industrial Park. To register your interest in attending either session, please contact DRB on

Published 16/02/2011
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