The rail industry is a key one for DRB Group. We have over 20 years’ experience operating as a quality-assured engineering partner; specifically supplying the rolling stock heavy maintenance sector.

The services we provide cover the replacement, repair and refurbishment of (safety critical) rolling stock components; as well as the design, manufacture and installation of train workshop equipment.


DRB Group currently supplies an overhaul service for many safety-critical components and systems for the rail industry, including:

  • gear cases
  • axle boxes
  • bogies
  • tail pins
  • anti-roll torsion bars
  • door control modules
  • door actuators
  • camshaft motor actuators
  • air reservoirs
  • emergency door control valves
  • tripcock panels
  • shoe arms

We also supply approximately 500 lines of bespoke components and fasteners for rolling stock; from small components such as latches, hinges and fixing plates through to larger components such as body panels, roof panels and relevant support solebars and brackets.

Part of our manufacturing capability is the re-engineering and supply of parts that are either obsolete or only available on extended lead-times. With our own in-house design office, we can very quickly draw up a technical design from a sample component, reverse engineer and manufacture under one roof.

Workshop & Depot Equipment

DRB Group also designs and build of workshop and depot systems for assembling/disassembling and handling rolling stock components more efficiently and safely. Examples include:

  • Bogie stacking frames
  • Storage racks
  • Motor maintenance kits
  • Axle gearbox stands
  • Wheel removal rigs

Rail Industry Experts

Our Approach

We believe DRB offers an unrivalled set of engineering solutions to the rail sector and our approach is based on providing:

  • Qualified engineering staff with the right skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Robust quality processes and relevant up to date accreditations such as ISO 9001 GMRT 2450 and GORT 3260 Iss. 2.
  • The right equipment for each project, through planned investment.

Above all DRB understands both the safety critical nature of rolling stock components and the need for reliable, on-time delivery to allow trains to be put back into service, as scheduled.

To find out more, please contact our rail industry team on 01244 280 280.